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25m Standard Pistol

Where Ranges have this icon you can click the icon to see detailed results.These detailed results are provided by the respective Sports Organisations from their Event statistics software and are subject to review.

Finals Wednesday, July 8th, 2015 10:00 June Valley Shooting Range Scoresheet
Name Points
 Faiyum Murtaza KHAN 505.0
 Freddy YEN KWAY 504.0
 Douglas Creek 490.0
 Johan PERCHARD 488.0
 Gabriel LAN SAN 482.0
 Carmelita de Guzman Donald 466.0
 Jean-Pierre MIHURAA 459.0
 Daniel WAH 459.0
 Peter Leahy 458.0
 Kevin James Coulter 428.0
 Nihal Nishant NAICKER 416.0
 Sibona Mairi 399.0
 Christian JAHJA 396.0
Final standings
Name Placing
 KHAN, Faiyum Murtaza Gold
 YEN KWAY, Freddy Silver
 Creek, Douglas Bronze
Black: Official